Admin & Regulatory Affair Manager at Frutta Juice and Services

Posted 9 months ago

Admin & Regulatory Affair Manager Job Summary

Job Title: Admin & Regulatory Affair Manager

Location: Lagos
Job Type: Permanent

Job Description
General Office Administration:

  • Ensure that corrective and preventive maintenance of the facilities is carried out regularly.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of a variety of office services to ensure that the organization’s current and future administrative needs are met efficiently, reliably, and economically. These activities may include: office supplies, equipment, and inventory; administrative assistance; services; cleaning, and maintenance services; cafeteria and recreation services; facilities management and repairs; and reception, etc.).
  • Arrange travel and hotel bookings for expatriates, staff and visitors.
  • Supervise the activities of expatriates’ residence; cleaners; chefs and drivers.
  • In collaboration with admin officers, ensure adequate maintenance of lightings and all office supplies/stationeries and general cleaning of site.
  • Liaise with functional or operational line managers to ensure that office administration policies, programs, and activities are appropriate for their current and future business needs.
  • Plan, prioritize, and manage maintenance activities and upgrades to equipment, facilities, and systems to minimize disruptions to business activities and use the organisation’s resources effectively.
  • Research, evaluate, and recommend office supplies and equipment purchases to ensure cost savings and meet the organisation’s business needs.
  • Ensure that all electrical, plumbing, air conditioners in offices and other issues are addressed without delay.
  • Printing of business cards, letterheads and printing of all kinds for staff and office/site use.
  • Ensures compliance with all environmental, health, and safety standards set forth by Federal, State, and local agencies through developing and implementing on-site inspection and monitoring programs at the facilities.
  • Manages ongoing relationships with external suppliers (for example, cleaning or maintenance contractors or equipment vendors) to ensure the organisation receives satisfactory standards of service.
  • Ensures all admin requests are processed within reasonable time frame.

Regulatory Affairs:

  • Coordinate with relevant departments to attend to matters that are related to governmental bodies (NAFDAC, SON, Customs, LASEPA, NESREA, MAN, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Labour, Local Government, EKEDC, LAWMA, Immigration, Federal and State fire service).
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of all regulatory agencies. • Process CERPAC for expatriate, import permit, renewal of NAFDAC certificate and coordinate quarterly inspection of Regulatory bodies (NAFDAC, SON).

Procurement & Vendor Management:

  • Compares prices amongst various vendors to make sound purchasing decisions.
  • Works within a given budget to purchase goods and services for the Company.
  • Ensures that office supplies or equipment are delivered promptly, and that the quality of the goods received is satisfactory.
  • Negotiates with contractors on price, mode of delivery, and delivery time. Orders goods such as office supplies on a continuous basis to maintain certain inventory levels.
  • Checks invoices for accuracy and authorizes the accounts payable department to issue payment.
  • Conduct due diligent in registering, reviewing and contracting vendors and evaluates the performance of certain vendors to decide whether or not to continue buying from them.
  • Evaluate inventory items to determine which ones need to be purchased. Recommend and implement cost-saving initiatives for Frutta Juice and Services.


  • Minimum of B.Sc / HND in Business Administration, Management, Office Administration, or any related discipline

Work Experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years relevant experience cutting across general office administration, facility and asset management, procurement and vendor management, regulatory affairs, etc.
  • FMCG experience is mandatory.
  • Must have good understanding and relationship with regulatory bodies such asNAFDAC, SON, Customs, LASEPA, NESREA, MAN, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, Federal Ministry of Labour, Local Government, EKEDC, LAWMA, Immigration, Federal and State fire service.

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Note: Female candidate is preferred for gender balance.

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 Deadline: July 26, 2023

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