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Germany Visa Lottery

Germany Visa Lottery 2024- Get A German Green Card Now

The German visa lottery is one way to get a green card. Germany, like the United States of America, does not have a green card, but plans have been made to introduce the opportunity card, which allows the holder to enter Germany and find a suitable job there.

The sole purpose of the opportunity card is to aid the holder in finding a job in Germany, Upon successfully securing a job, you can change to another residence title, extending your stay in the country.

The holders of the card are allowed to stay in Germany for a year, and during this time, if you’re unable to secure a job, there is no entitlement to an extension after the time has expired.

The program is a point-based system like the Canadian express entry program, and applicants will need a minimum of six points to qualify. The criteria to be used when accessing candidates include the following: language skills, working experience, age, and a link to Germany. You can check out the Opportunity Card calculator here.

Eligibility To Acquire The German Opportunity Card

Those who want to apply for the Opportunity card must meet the following conditions:

  • Two years of vocational training or a university degree according to the rules of your country of origin
  •  Sufficient knowledge of German (A1) or English (B2)
  •  Proof of financial funds to support yourself

How To Apply For The German Opportunity Card

To apply, visit the German embassy in your country and fill out the application form while ensuring you possess a valid passport. Proof of financial means can be provided by an employment contract for a part-time job (up to 20 hours per week).


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