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INEC List of Accredited Observers

INEC List of Accredited Observers for 2024/2025 General Elections-Check Full List Here

INEC List of Accredited Observers – The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) approved list for the 2024 general election is available for domestic and foreign members to verify their names. Everything you need to know about how to check and download the complete list of INEC candidates is in the article below.




  1. ACTIONAID Nigeria
  2. Advocacy for Quality Leadership and Health Awareness Foundation
  3. Advocate for Peoples Right and Justice
  4. African Civil Society Forum
  5. Africa for Millennium Change Initiative
  6. African Youth International Development Foundation
  7. Akai for Youth Sustainable Development Foundation
  8. Asabe Shehu Yar Adua Foundation
  9. Aspire African Youth Empowerment Initiative
  10. Association for Literacy Support
  12. Augustinian Centre for Advocacy, Justice and Peace
  13. Campaign for Peaceful and Credible Elections in Nigeria
  14. Cardinal Onaiyekan Foundation for Peace
  15. Center for Child Care and Youth Development
  16. Center for Citizens with Disabilities
  17. Center for Credible Leadership and Citizens Awareness
  18. Center for Grassroot Development and Crime Prevention (CGDCP)
  19. Center for Strategic Conflict Management
  20. Center for Women and Adolescent Empowerment
  21. Centre for Accountability and Inclusive Development (CAAID)
  22. Centre for Democracy and Development
  23. Centre for Development and Transformation Initiative
  24. Centre for Gender and Youth Civic Education and Rights in Africa
  25. Centre for Policy Advocacy and Leadership Development (CPALD)
  26. Centre for Positive Change and Civic Responsivity
  27. Centre for Social Value and Early Childhood Development
  28. Centre for Strategy, Ethics & Value
  29. Centre for Transparency Advocacy
  30. Christian Association of Nigeria
  31. Citizens Centre for Integrated Development and Social Rights
  32. Citizen’s Rights and Leadership Awareness Initiative
  33. Citizens Rights for Peace and Good Leadership Initiative
  34. Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC)
  35. Cleen Foundation
  36. Coalition of Democrats for Electoral Reforms (CODER)
  37. Community Advocacy for Peoples Right Foundation
  38. Committee of Youths on Mobilization and Sensitization (CYMS)
  39. Community Life Project
  40. Community Links and Human Empowerment Initiative
  41. CONAC (Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion)
  42. Connected Development (CODE)
  43. Conscience Women of Africa Initiative
  44. Davidson Onyekwere Initiative
  45. Diaspora Advocacy for a New Dawn Initiative
  46. Dynamic Youth Organization of Nigeria
  47. Education, Social and Health Mission
  48. Erhuvwuoghene Girls Right Foundation
  49. Evergreen Peace Initiative
  50. Eze Mbionwu Foundation for Community Development and Stability
  51. Faithman Foundation and Transparency Ambassadors
  52. Federation for Muslim Association in Nigeria
  53. Federation of Muslim Women’s Association in Nigeria (FOMWAN)
  54. Forum of Nigerian Minister and Workers of God
  55. Forum of State Independent Electoral Commissions of Nigeria
  56. Foundation for Economic Empowerment and Educational Development (FEED-     AFRICA FOUNDATION)
  57. Foundation for Sustainable Development and Inclusive Growth
  58. Freedom Family and Empowerment Foundation
  59. Future Leaders Global Initiative
  60. Gamji Members Association
  61. Gender Fulcrum and Inclusivity Initiative
  62. Global Centre for Conscious Living Against Corruption
  63. Global Hope and Justice for the Less Privileged
  64. Global Network for Youth Empowerment and Equal Justice
  65. Global Policy Advocacy and Leadership Initiative
  66. Global Safehaven Organization
  67. Grassroots Empowerment Initiative for Positive Change and Development
  68. Grassroot Development Centre for peace and Social Justice
  69. Grassroot Development and Peace Initiative
  70. Grassroots Mobilizers for Better Nigeria Initiative
  71. Grassroots Accountability Advocacy Foundation
  72. Green Valley Progressives’ Support Initiatives
  73. Good Governance Awareness Initiative
  74. Guild of Public Affairs analyst of Nigeria
  75. Human Rights Monitor
  76. Human Rights and Grassroots Development Society (HRGDS)
  77. Hope for African Development Foundation
  78. Ilimu Wal Hikmah Islamic Foundation
  79. Inclusive Friends Association
  80. Initiative Against Human Right Abuse and Torture
  81. Initiative for Peace, Humanity and Social Advancement for Women
  82. Initiative for Promotion of Civic Obligations and Sustainable Peace
  83. Initiative for Rapid Development of Nigeria (IRD-NIGERIA)
  84. Initiative for the Promotion of Women Development
  85. Initiative for Voter Awareness and Electoral Reforms
  86. Initiative for Youth Transformation and Positive Change
  87. Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution
  88. Intercontinental Leadership Initiative
  89. International Circle of Faith Chaplaincy Corps
  90. International Federation for Women Lawyers (FIDA) Nigeria
  91. International Peace and Civic Responsibility Centre
  92. International Standard Centered for Development
  93. International Synergy of Advocates for Global Peace and Development Initiative
  94. Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) National Headquarters
  95. Justice Development and Peace Commission, Catholic Caritas
  96. Justice, Development and Peace Makers’ Centre
  97. KIMPACT Youth Development Initiative
  98. League of Women Voters of Nigeria
  99. League of Anambra Professionals
  100. Liberty Derivative Culture Initiative
  101. Lygel Youth and Leadership Initiative
  102. Mankind Development and Rehabilitation organization
  103. Muslim Sisters for Social Justices Initiative
  104. National Council for Women Society Nigeria
  105. National Human Rights Commission
  106. National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies, (National Assembly)
  107. National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies
  109. New Nation Foundation for Global Development
  110. Next Generation Nigeria Leadership Initiative
  111. Nigeria Civil Society Situation Room (Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre – PLAC)
  112. Nigeria Bar Association
  113. Nigeria Progressive Women and Youth Development Initiative (NPWYDI)
  114. Nigeria Women Trust Fund
  115. Nigerian Youth Initiative for Good Governance
  116. Nigerian Youth Professionals Forum
  117. Noble Coordinators Forum for the Advancement of Ethics & Values (NCFAEV)
  118. Noble Leadership Initiative
  119. Nova Civic Education Foundation
  120. Omoluabi Centre for Development Initiative
  121. Organization of Justice for Equity Sustenance
  122. Orient Foundation for Social Justice and Civic
  123. Pan African Leadership League
  124. Pan-African Young Writers Foundation
  125. Patriotic Women Foundation
  126. Peace and Civil Obligation Development Initiative
  127. Police Service Commission
  128. Polling Units Ambassadors in Nigeria PUAN
  129. Progressive Youths Development Initiative
  130. Rotary Nigeria/Gray Child Foundation
  131. Salvage Africa Advocacy Initiative
  132. She 4 She Initiative for Women and Girl-Child Empowerment
  133. Society for Equity, Justice and Peace (SEJUP)
  134. Society for Self-Support and Development
  135. Society for the Protection of Human Rights
  136. Sustainable Initiative for Nurturing Growth(SING)
  137. Take Back Our Africa Initiative (TBAI) Nigeria Foundation
  138. The Adaobi Enemuoh Initiative for Development
  139. The African Centre for Human Advancement Social and Community Development
  140. The Albino Foundation
  141. The Electoral Hub
  142. The Flag Foundation of Nigeria
  143. The Integrity Friends for Truth and Peace Initiative
  144. The Millennium Foundation for Sustainable Development
  145. The Peoples Care and Advocacy Initiative
  146. Transition Monitoring Group (TMG)
  147. United Nigeria Peace Foundation
  148. Values Reorientation Initiative and Advocacy
  149. Vote-Count Campaign Organization
  150. Voters Awareness Initiative
  151. Vulnerable Persons Right Protection Foundation
  152. Women and Child Disaster Rescue Initiatives
  153. Waterlight Save Initiative
  154. Women Advocates Research and Documentation Centre (WARDC)
  155. Whistle-Blowers Anti-Corruption Reporting Network
  156. Women Education Advocacy and Development Initiative (WEADI)
  157. Women and Girl Child Empowerment
  158. Women and Youth Development Initiative
  159. Women Arise for Change Initiative
  160. Women International League for Peace and Freedom Nigeria
  161. Women with Disabilities of Nigeria Support Foundation
  162. Women’s Right and Peace Protection Initiative for Africa
  163. Womenfest for Betterlife Living Initiative
  164. YIAGA Africa Initiative
  165. Your Vote is Your Voice Africa Initiative
  166. Young African Voices for Peace Initiative (YAVPI
  167. Youth Education on Human Rights and Civil Responsibility
  168. Youth and Public Safety Awareness Initiative (YPSAI)
  169. Youth Initiative for Better and Greater Nigeria
  170. Youth Pivot Initiative
  171. Zaram Life Foundation

INEC Adhoc Staff Recruitment | Portal Is Open (APPLY HERE)


  1. African Bar Association
  2. All Nigerian Nationals in Diaspora
  3. Americas Empowerment Institute INC
  4. British High Commission
  5. Embassy of Antigua & Barbuda
  6. European Union (EU)
  7. High Commission and Permanent Mission of the Democratic Socialist Republic of

Sri Lanka

  1. International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES)
  2. International Human Right Commission
  3. International Human Rights Movement
  4. International Republican Institute (IRI)
  5. Koffiannan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC)
  6. National Democratic Institute
  7. Pan African Women Projects
  8. United States Embassy
  9. West African Elders Forum
  10. Canadian Embassy
  11. Australia High Commission

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  1. African Union
  2. Commonwealth
  4. European Union

INEC Adhoc Staff Shortlisted Candidates PDF | Check Your Names Here

Important Information

  • All accredited observer groups will be allocated an Accreditation Number which will serve as an Access code to upload details of allotted field observers to be deployed. They are also required to fill and complete the E C 14A (ii) online via: between 9th and 19th January 2024.
  • For further inquiries, Accredited Groups, are requested to visit Election and Party Monitoring (EPM) Department, INEC-Headquarters, Maitama – Abuja during official working hours or call this number 08037867338.
  • All accredited observer groups are also required to sign the Indemnity Form at the point of collecting their letters of accreditation. They are also to download, at: form-21), the synopsis of the Observation Report (Form EC 14B) which is to be completed and submitted within 72 hours after each of the Elections to:
  • The distribution of observer Identity Cards and Information Kits will be done at INEC State Offices nationwide between the 20th and 24th of February 2023. However, accredited Foreign Observers are required to collect their kits at the Election and Party Monitoring (EPM) Department, Independent National Commission (INEC) Headquarters, Abuja between 20th to 24th February 2024.
  • All accredited observers shall abide by the code of conduct for election observers, which is available for download from the INEC website ( INEC reserves the right to cancel and withdraw the accreditation of any organization at any points its members or agents breach the code of conduct.


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