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Top Best Nursing Recruitment Agencies In The USA For International Nurses

Top Best Nursing Recruitment Agencies In The USA For International Nurses

In the United States of America, the nursing profession is held in high regard hence the reason why it is high sought after especially by international nurses. There are many ways via which one can get a job as a nurse and one of them is through the use of a recruitment agency.

A Recruitment agency is an organization that acts on behalf of job seekers and the aim of making use of such agencies is to ensure candidates secure a job that befits them before moving to the country hence the reason why making use of a reputable agency is advised. There are numerous staffing agencies for nurses(including international ones), which would be this article’s focus.

What Are The Requirements To Become A Nurse In USA?

The United States of America is a very organized country and since nurses deal with human lives, it’s mandatory to possess the requisite requirements before you can be allowed to practice in any city within the states. Below is the list of requirements for both Foreign & local nurses:

  • Must be degree holders
  • Must sit and pass the NCLEX[National Council Licensure Examination For Registered Nurses] Examination: Failure to pass the examination means that you would be unlicensed and note that it’s your license that gives you the right to practice your profession.
  • Obtain a license in the state you plan on practicing
  • Must have working experience especially the foreign-educated ones who must have at least two years of nursing experience

List Of Best International Nursing Recruitment Agencies In The USA

We selected agencies that have a good track record and that have been active for over a number of years because experience matters when choosing an agency. Below are the best agencies in the USA:

1. Adex Medical Staffing

This is a private agency that specializes in recruiting Registered nurses and one of the things they do is aid clients negotiate with the U.S. Immigration bureaucracy and in addition, provide training for successful clients on hospital protocols and procedures. One thing that distinguishes them from other nursing agencies is that they have a legal department that helps them handle legal matters.

Location 501 Madison Avenue, Suite 503,
New York, NY 10022
Phone Number (+1) 866-341-2339
Website URL


2. CareerKnacks International Nursing Recruiters

Unlike typical agencies, they charge no recruitment fee and they are known to have helped place internationals across various parts of the country. They follow six(6) vital steps when recruiting international nurses and they have been providing recruitment services for the healthcare discipline for over 30 years in the state.

Website URL

3. Guardian HealthCare Providers

With over 25 years of providing recruitment services, they are known for their personal and One-to-one approach. They do not only provide nursing recruitment services but also provide healthcare services in addition to that.

Location 105 Westpark Drive, Suite 100
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone Number 800-365-5787

4. Global Nursing Recruiters

According to Nursetogether, they’re known to be specialists in recruiting African and Caribbean Nurses. They aid their clients prepare for the NCLEX examinations and ensure that they all pass in one sitting and once that happens, such persons are considered for recruitment.

Location 12029 Majestic Blvd. Suite #2Hudson, FL, 34667United States
Phone Number 1-404-860-6823
Website URL

5. Emerald Health Services

They have rebranded and are known as Epic Travelling Staffing. They have a reputation for being the best travel nurse recruitment agency. They have allied health recruiters and an interim and executive search division.

Website URL

6. Cross Country Nurses

This happens to be one of the largest healthcare recruitment agencies in the United States of America. According to NurseTogether, they’re affiliated with Cross Country and you can reach them via any of the following

Location 6551 Park of Commerce Blvd. Boca Raton, FL 33487-8247 United States
Phone Number 800-530-6215


Founded in 2001 by Zen Fernandez, it stands for Associated Services for Migration, Citizenship, and Immigration. In addition to providing recruitment services, they also offer services like placement, and preparation of visas for those requiring immigration services.

Location 2120 Long Forest Rd
Suite 3 Heartland, TX 75126
Phone Number 469-602-5589

8. HealthStar International

HealthStar International hire with the aim of aiding healthcare organizations to fill their gaps meaning they consider the need of an organization before proceeding to hire job seekers. Ever since they expanded, they have recruited from various countries across the globe.

Location 1707 N. Broadway Ave. Suite 102
Oklahoma City, OK, 73103
Phone Number (979) 282-9009

9. GlobeMed Resources

Known for their experienced leadership and high standard of ethics, they have been around since 2002. They also have a branch situated in India and also focus on the IT Sector in addition to the healthcare sector.

Location 10909 Ashmont Ct
Glen Allen, VA  23059
Phone Number +1 (804) 314-9658

10. MedPro International

MedPro International is unique because of the availability of experts in different areas like immigration, licensing, credentialing, and testing. The aim of this is to ensure that candidates are qualified and properly prepared before coming to the United States of America.

Location 1580 SawGrass Corporate PKWY, Suite 200 Sunrise, FL 33323, United States
Phone Number 954-739-4247

11. Medliant

This agency was created with the aim of addressing the healthcare professional crisis in the United States of America. Below are some of the benefits of working with them:

  • They guide you through the immigration and licensing phase
  • Access to a comprehensive range of benefits, sponsorship, insurance, and more
Location 718 Thompson Lane, Suite 108-283
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone Number 650-377-0990

12. PPR Travel Nursing

Established in 2001, they have ten locations in the United States including the headquarters in Omaha. Their programs include the following: travel, permanent & international recruitment.

Location 1010 N. 102nd Street, Suite 300
Omaha, Nebraska 68114
Phone Number (402) 758-2800

13. Wilson Staffing Network

With over 20 years of experience, this is an International and Domestic direct hire and staffing company providing short-term and long-term assignments for nurses, and allied health professionals.

Location 448 W. 19th Street, #124
Houston, Texas 77008
Phone Number 281-686-1080

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