NYSC 2024 Batch A POP Date – NYSC Winding-up Date | NYSC Registration Portal Opening Date - RECRUITNGR
NYSC Batch A POP Date

NYSC 2024 Batch A POP Date – NYSC Winding-up Date | NYSC Registration Portal Opening Date

NYSC Batch A POP Date –  We are pleased to inform you that the Ag. Director-General has approved the passing out parade of the 2024 Batch “A” Stream 1 Corp members for Thursday 2nd February 2024. 

All NYSC POP preparations will be done as scheduled to ensure you book the necessary documents for the NYSC Passing parade as scheduled. NYSC Batch A Stream 1 POP date is listed below, read on for more interesting updates on NYSC Guidance, NYSC Registration Portal, NYSC Senate Roster Checker and many more.
All Corp Members would require to follow the guidelines below. Do well to go through the process and each date Guidelines.

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NYSC Batch A POP Date 2024 – NYSC Winding Date Stream 1

Below is the programme of activities:

1.Thursday , 19th – Tuesday , 24th January , 2024

  • Release of Passing-Out Corps Members by Employers
  • Job Awareness and creation. sensitisation of Corp members in job/creation opportunities after service. This will be done at the Local Government level using relevant officers NYSC SAED/ NDE Officers.

2. Wednesday , 25th – Fridayy 27th , January , 2024

  • Registration/Clearing of Corps Members by Local Government Inspectors
  • Signing of final clearance by Zonal Inspectors
    Administration of Questionnaire (Form 4B) on 30% of the passing-out Corps Members.

Monday 30th February, 2022 – Wednesday 1st February, 2023

  • Signing of final clearance by Zonal Inspectors
  • Debriefing/Evaluation of Service year
  • Administration of Questionnaire (Form 4B) on 30% of the passing-out Corps Members.
  • State farewell party to the precise over the Governor of the state.

Thurday 2nd February, 2024

  • Distribution of Certificates of National Service to deserving Corps Members at the Local Government level.

Nysc Portal Login Dashboard | Nyc Portal Login System @nysc.gov.ng

NYSC Batch A 2024 Stream 1 Registration Date

The question that is always asked is when will NYSC portal be opened for registration? 

The online registration period starts from January 16-19, 2024 as it cannot be extended. After that, the doors of NYSC will be closed.

Prepare for Batch A stream 1 2024 orientation course. NYSC doors will be open for Batch A stream 1 2024 registration. PCMs should note that the registration portal may not extend further… It will be better soon.

Get in touch for camp registration and course dates as we keep you updated on what’s new. Meanwhile, the NYSC orientation camp should start immediately. Full NYSC list and 2024 Batch A list for Stream 1 closes later.

Be sure to visit the official NYSC website as an open portal for registration. This is what the NYSC chairman said. He said all covid 19 regulations must be observed and camp goers must be tested and vaccinated before entering the camp for the NYSC exercise. We say thank you to the members of the Passing Out Parade Corp and those who can do the Corp. NYSC


Passing out parade is the last part of the NYSC cardinal points. It is a day the discharge certificate is handed to deserving corps members. The ceremony is a fun one as the governors, state coordinators, and other NYSC officials grace the event.

What is the NYSC Dress Code?

  • A pair of khaki trousers and shirt.
  • Crested vest.
  • White vest.
  • A pair of white shorts.
  • A pair of zebra stripped socks.
  • A pair of jungle boots.
  • A pair of canvasJAMB Form.
  • Belt.


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