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NIWA Salary Structure 2024/2025 Updated

NIWA Salary Structure 2024/2025 – The National inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) has been one of the best organizations in Nigeria that pay its staff well. The salary scale the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) is a growing topic among people who are interested in taking up a job at this Federal Government company.

Based on that, the staff ensured they work with their heart to ensure the success of the organization Today, we shall be looking at what the National inland waterways Authority (NIWA) pays their staff. i.e. NIWA Salary structure. Therefore, anyone who wants to apply to this organization should go through this content to know the exact amount to receive after gaining employment.


The National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA), hitherto the Inland Waterways Department of the Federal Ministry of Transport, metamorphosed into an Authority vide an act of the National Assembly, CAP 47, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 (Decree No. 13 of 1997), established with the primary responsibility to improve and develop Nigeria’s inland waterways for navigation.

This decree (No.13 of 1997) also gives the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) the sole authority over all things concerning inland waterway management and control in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Authority has 10 Area Offices and a Liaison Office at the following locations:

  • Lokoja, Kogi State: Headquarters (Adankolo New Layout, PMB 1004, Lokoja).
  • Lokoja, Kogi State: Area Office
  • Makurdi, Benue State: Area Office
  • Ibi, Taraba State: Area Office
  • Calabar, Cross River State: Area Office
  • Onitsha, Anambra State: Area Office
  • Warri, Delta State: Area Office
  • Port Harcourt, Rivers State: Area Office
  • Ikoyi and Marina, Lagos State: Area Office
  • Yelwa/Yauri, Kebbi State: Area Office
  • Igbokoda: Area Office
  • Maritime House, Abuja: Liaison Office.

Update on NIWA Salary Structure

Based on our research, we conducted inquiries with a few staff members of the National Inland Waterways Authority to gather data on average salaries. The data was collated by two employees and includes information from various roles within the organization, such as the Human Resources Officer, Deputy General Manager, and junior staff.

The average salary of an employee at the National Inland Waterways Authority is reported to be 186,086 Naira. However, it’s important to consider the methodology used for data collection and analysis. If the sample size is small or not representative of the entire organization, the accuracy of the average salary may be limited.

Therefore, in view of the NIWA salary structure, the recorded data includes the following

  • Human Resource Officers earn about N126,000
  • Deputy General Manager earn about N246,000, while
  • Junior Staffs earn between N60,000-N70,000


The major business activities of NIWA include the following:

  • Improvement and development of the Inland Waterways for Navigation
  • Provision of an alternative mode of transportation for evacuation of economic goods and persons
  • Execution of the objectives of the National Transport Policy as they concern NIWA
  • Issuance and control of licenses for inland navigation, piers, jetties, dockyards etc
  • Operation of ferry services within the inland waterways system
  • Financing capital development and maintenance dredging
  • The undertaking of hydrological and hydrographical survey
  • Approval and control of all jetties and dockyards
  • Undertaking acquisition, leasing and hiring of properties etc.

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The National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) operates the Consolidated Revenue Generating Agencies Salary Scale (CRGASS). This is a specific compensation scale for revenue-generating organizations in Nigeria.

According to this salary scale, a Bachelor’s degree holder will be assigned to grade level 8 step 1, and will earn an average monthly salary of around ₦95,000.

Below are the various salaries per month of NIWA workers in Nigeria this 2024:

  • Grade level 8 (Steps 1-5): ₦92,000 – ₦98,000
  • Grade level 9 (Steps 1-8): ₦102,000 – ₦114,000
  • Grade level 10 (Steps 1-9): ₦151,000 – ₦173,000
  • Grade level 12 (Steps 1-8): ₦181,700 – ₦227,000
  • Grade level 13 (Steps 1-8): ₦254,000 – ₦278,000
  • Grade level 14 (Steps 1-7): ₦295,000 – ₦325,000
  • Grade level 15 (Steps 1-3): ₦334,000 – ₦337,000
  • Grade level 16 (Steps 1-6): ₦368,000 – ₦475,000
  • Grade level 17 (Steps 1-4): ₦593,000 – ₦692,000.

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